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Character Profiles - Villains - Bane

Real Name:Antonio Diego
Occupation: Villains
Marital Status: Single
Base of Operations: Gotham City
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Eyes: N/A
Hair: N/A
First Appearance: Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1 (January 1993)
Created By: N/A

Many years ago on the island of Santa Prisca, a group of revolutionaries conducted a failed coup against the reigning government. Those that survived the three day massacre were arrested and detained at the prison facility known as Pea Duro. One of the prisoners was a slender woman, heavy with child. Her husband was one of many killed during the bloody campaign. In accordance to a centuries old law, the punishment of the father must be carried out by the son, should the father fail to survive in order to serve his sentence. The woman gave birth to her child, and he was raised a prisoner in the deepest pits of Pea Duro.

When he was only six years old, his mother passed away, and the orphan was forced to bear witness as the prison guards callously threw her corpse into shark-infested waters off the cliffs of Punto De Tiburon. Completely alone, the child became prey to the savage inmates at Pea Duro. Rather than succumb to the pressures of prison life, he grew stronger from it, and eventually took to calling himself, Bane.

As Bane grew older, he earned the attention of several other inmates including an aging physician named Zombie, a brutish man named Trogg, and an American named Bird. These men recognized Bane's strength and value and pledged to follow him loyally.

Bane eventually became the most feared man in all of Pea Duro. The prison's warden grew nervous as he came to realize that the prisoners under his charge had more to fear from Bane, than from the warden himself. In order to demoralize the prisoners, the warden had Bane placed in solitary confinement for ten years. The inhumane treatment only served to strengthen Bane even more, and when he emerged, his reputation had become the stuff of legend.

In later years, a scientific research team established themselves at Pea Duro, and used the prison for a source of resources with which to conduct their experiments. They developed a steroid compound code named Venom and tested the drug on many prisoners. However, none of the men that had been put through the Venom process were strong enough to survive the procedure. The warden selected Bane as the science team's next volunteer.

Bane's physical hardiness and unbreakable resolve enabled him to survive the process. The Venom drug increased his overall muscle mass a hundredfold, and he became nearly unstoppable.

At this point, Bane decided to leave Pea Duro forever. He falsified his own death, knowing that the prison guards would cast his body off of Punto De Tiburon, just as they had done with his mother, years before. When his body hit the water, Bane revived himself and took command of an army helicopter. Gathering together his friends, Zombie, Bird and Trogg, he killed the Warden and left the island of Santa Prisca.

After leaving Pea Duro, Bane's ambitions turned towards destroying the Batman, whom he had heard tales of while serving his sentence. Bane was convinced that the demonic bat that haunted his dreams since childhood was a representation of the Batman.

Bane destroyed the walls of Arkham Asylum, allowing its deranged inmates to escape into Gotham City, where Batman spent three months rounding them up, running himself to exhaustion, and then returned to Wayne Manor, where Bane awaited him. He fought Batman, defeated him, and delivered the coup de grace: he broke Batman's back and threw him to the streets of Gotham.

While Bane established himself as ruler of Gotham's criminal underworld, Bruce Wayne passed the mantle of Batman to Jean-Paul Valley (Azrael). As Batman, Jean-Paul grew increasingly violent, allowing the villain known as Abattoir to fall to his death, and refused to recognize Robin as his partner. "AzBat" fought and defeated Bane.

After Bruce Wayne recovered, he once again became Batman by winning the title back from Jean-Paul. Batman would finally get his rematch with Bane where Batman was able to defeat him. Since then, whenever Batman and Bane square off in battle, their fights usually end in a draw, as Bane's strength is now equal to Batman's (instead of vastly superior), because Bane no longer uses Venom.

Following the events of Knightfall, Bane recovered from his Venom addiction while serving time in prison. He eventually escaped from prison and returned to Gotham, where he fought alongside Batman to take out a criminal ring that was distributing a Venom derivative to street-level thugs. Following a victory over the criminals, Bane proclaimed that he was "innocent" of his past crimes and urged Batman to stop hunting him. He then left Gotham (without fighting Batman) to begin a search for his father.

Bane's search brought him back to Santa Prisca. In search of leads, Bane questioned the Jesuit priest who had tought him while he was in Pea Duro. The priest explained that there were four men who could possibly have been his father: a Santa Prican revolutionary, an American doctor, an English mercenary, and a Swiss banker. While searching for the Swiss in Rome, Bane encountered Ra's al Ghul's daughter Talia. Talia introduced Bane to her father, and eventually Bane impressed Ra's so much that he chose Bane as his heir (an "honor" he had previously imparted on Batman).

According to the Jesuit priest that Bane spoke with in "Bane of the Demon" #1, one of Bane's possible fathers was an American doctor. In researching this issue, Bane came to the conclusion that he and Batman shared Dr. Thomas Wayne as their biological father, with Dr. Wayne having apparently become close to Bane's mother during his time in Santa Prisca. Bane alerted Batman to this possibility, and during the time that the DNA tests were being performed, stayed at Wayne Manor and fought alongside Batman on the streets of Gotham. Ultimately, it was revealed that Dr. Wayne was not Bane's father, and Bane left Gotham peacefully (and with Batman's blessing and financial backing) to pursue leads in the snowy mountains of Kanchenjunga.

Bane eventually found his father, the unscrupulous King Snake. Bane, with Batman looking on, helped to foil King Snake's evil plans to unleash a powerful weapon upon the world. In the process, Bane saved Batman from being shot by King Snake, but was mortally wounded in the process. Batman then saved Bane by bathing him in a Lazarus Pit, and left him with a clean slate and a new opportunity at life.

During the of Metropolis, Bane broke the back of the hero Judomaster (similar to how he had broken Batman's), killing him.

Bane resurfaced one year after the Crisis in searching for the Hourmen (Rex and Rick Tyler), asking them for help. To win their trust, he tells them how, prior to the Battle of Metropolis, he returned to his homeland to put an end to the drug lords' government, in the process discovering that a new, more addicting strain of Venom had been created. In his furious carelessness to wipe out the drug trade, he was captured, and reimplanted with the cranial tubes, hooked to the new Venom, but now unable to shake off his addiction without dying from the withdrawal. Bane was forced to work as an enforcer for the drug cartel, unable to escape. Believing that Bane was searching for the chemistry expertise of Rex Tyler, Rick let him approach his father, only to discover that the story was a half truth, a clever ruse to allow Bane to get in close. Bane, never addicted to Venom, had in fact managed to wipe out the drug lords, and destroyed every research note on Venom, and had discovered in the process both strains of Venom derived from the early research of Rex Tyler on Miraclo. Discovering from the Tylers that no written notes existed of Rex's work, Bane captured Rex and stole Rick's equipment, planning to kill Rex and force Rick to take the last of the new Venom, living forever as an addict. With a clever plan, Rick and Rex managed to subdue Bane, burying the mercenary in the rubble of the very same Santa Priscan penitentiary where his story began.

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