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Character Profiles - Villains - Clue Master

Real Name: Arthur Brown
Occupation: Criminal, former game show host
Marital Status: Married
Base of Operations: Gotham City
Height: 5ft 11in
Weight: 169 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
First Appearance: Detective Comics #351 (May 1966)
Created By: Gardner Fox, Carmine Infantino

Arthur Brown was once a little known game show host with more white shoes than he could wear, until the show was cancelled. Angered, Brown began a criminal career to pay the rent. Copying the Riddler's m.o., Brown became the Cluemaster and tried to baffle Batman by leaving clues to his crimes. Caught on every outing, Cluemaster left Gotham City and joined the Injustice League. After becoming a nuisance for the JLI, the Injustice League became a branch of the global peacekeeping force in Antarctica. This group ended when piranha penguins and Major Disaster destroyed their base.

Arthur Brown has a daughter named Stephanie, but rarely spends any time with her due to long periods of incarceration. When he returns to Gotham, "rehabilitated," Stephanie becomes furious when she discovers that he has returned to crime without his need to leave clues behind. Making a costume for herself, she calls herself the Spoiler, finds out her father's plans, and leaves clues so that the police and Batman can stop him. Robin tracks her down, and she joins in the capture of the Cluemaster. Each time the Cluemaster escapes or start some new plan, Stephanie dons her costume again in order to foil him. Eventually, she realises she enjoys being a hero, and begins regular patrols as Spoiler. For a brief period of time she even replaces her boyfriend, Tim Drake, as Robin.

Cluemaster and his teammates volunteer to join the second Suicide Squad, a group sanctioned by the US government, in return for a full pardon of his crimes. The Cluemaster also hopes to make Stephanie proud of him.

On his first mission he appears to be killed in action, but manages to survive (albeit hideously scarred). He spends a year in a hospital, the only thing keeping him alive the thought of his daughter.

When he returns to gotham, he discovers that his daughter has been killed. He takes on the secret identity of Aaron Black and creates the "Campaign for Culpability", blaming Batman for his involvement in Stephanie's death, saying that she was not the first child working with Batman to die, and that Batman should be brought to justice.

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