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Comics - Ongoing - Detective Comics - Issue #121

TITLE: Commissioner Gordon Walks a Beat

COVER DATE: March, 1947

WRITER: Edmond Hamilton
ARTIST: Howard Sherman
INKER: Howard Sherman
EDITORS: Jack Schiff
COVER: Jack Burnley; Charles Paris

PRICE: $.10 U.S.

CHARACTERS: Batman (Bruce Wayne); Robin (Dick Grayson); Commissioner Gordon; Commissioner Vane

Batman is summoned to police headquarters where he learns that Commissioner Gordon has been replaced by Commissioner Vane on orders from the mayor. Gordon has been demoted to a beat cop. Batman's deputy status is also revoked without explanation. When Batman questions the mayor he learns that underworld boss Sure Thing Smiley is extorting the mayor's son.

Batman tries to apprehend Smiley and his gang, but Smiley captures Batman instead. Batman utilizes Smiley's passion for gambling by betting that he can shoot Commissioner Gordon. Smiley agrees to the bet with set conditions. Batman outwits him by using a bullet-proof shield to protect Gordon.

By winning the bet, Batman frees the mayor from Smiley's grip. Gordon is restored as Commissioner, Batman is back with the police, and Smiley is arrested.


TITLE: Happy Jail-Day to You

WRITER: Unknown
ARTIST: Harris Levy
INKER: Harris Levy
CHARACTERS: Air Wave; Static

Air Wave suspects that gangster Dink Dillman is hiding on Seminole Avenue. He recruits young Tommy Murray to become a singing messenger. Tommy goes door-to-door until he finds the crooks for Air Wave. The crooks are able to fight him off though and escape. Tommy follows them and signals their location to Air Wave. Air Wave regroups, follows Tommy's signal, then captures Dillman and his gang.

TITLE: The Case Without a Key

WRITER: Unknown
ARTIST: Howard Sherman
INKER: John Daly
CHARACTERS: Slam Bradley; Shorty Morgan

Slam investigates a series of burglaries and finds graphite in the lock of one of the buildings. When he returns to his office, he realizes that he has lost his key. Slam visits a locksmith and sees graphite on the shelf. Slam then sets a trap, luring the crooks to the apartment of a wealthy tycoon. Slam and Shorty are waiting for the crooks, who were blackmailing the locksmith into making duplicate keys for them. The locksmith redeems himself by helping Slam defeat the crooks.

TITLE: The Phantom Express

WRITER: George Kashdan
ARTIST: Curt Swan
INKER: Steve Brodie
CHARACTERS: Boy Commandos; Andre Chavard; Tex; Brooklyn; Alfy Twidgett

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