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Comics - One Shot - Robin/Spoiler Special #1


RELEASE DATE: June, 2008
COVER DATE: August, 2008

EDITOR(s): Jeanine Schaefer
COVER: Rafael Albuquerque; Cris Peter

PRICE: $2.99 U.S./$4.00 Canada



TITLE: Puddles

WRITER: Chuck Dixon
PENCILER(s): Rafael Albuquerque
INKER(s): Rafael Albuquerque
COLORS: Cris Peter
LETTERS: Sal Cipriano

CHARACTERS: Robin (Tim Drake); Spoiler (Stephanie Brown); Bailey; Brian; Daniel "Hatchet" Fortnel; Aminita Boyd

Tim and Stephanie decide to play "guardian angels" and tag along with a group of Stephanie's new friends as they break into an old warehouse for an impromptu party. Though not officially a "date", the evening takes a very familiar turn as the two find themselves dodging bullets after fleeing from the police.

Tim quickly realizes that the person shooting at them is not a member of the GCPD but an armed thug who had been spying on them in the warehouse. Eventually, Stephanie's friend Bailey admits to still being in possession of a doll she had found in the warehouse. Tim recognizes the doll as belonging to a young girl who had been abducted by a thug named Daniel Fortnel in hopes of scaring the girl's mother out of testifying against him.

Tim and Stephanie change into their gear and sneak away to take down the armed thug. Using the man's cell phone, Tim and Stephanie are able to trace Fortnel's location to an old recycling plant where he was keeping the young girl. Robin and Spoiler take out the kidnappers and re-unite the girl with her doll.

Things appear to be getting back to normal for Tim and Steph, but can things ever be the way they were before when so much has changed?

TITLE: Katavi

WRITER: Chuck Dixon
PENCILER(s): Victor Ibez
INKER(s): Victor Ibez
COLORS: Victor Ibez
LETTERS: Sal Cipriano

CHARACTERS: Spoiler (Stephanie Brown); Dr. Leslie Thompkins

After putting a stop to a liquor store robbery, Stephanie recalls the events that finally convinced her to return to Gotham City.

While giving out vaccinations to under privileged children in Africa with Dr. Leslie Thompkins, Stephanie takes a trip out to the African country side to help a young girl locate her lost dog. While she's away the village is ransacked by an armed caravan lead by a twisted witch doctor seeking to "cleanse" any demons found inhabiting the villagers. The witch doctor, a man in white face makeup and a bright red painted smile, sentences a villager with conjunctivitis to death after believing the man's pink colored eyes to be a sign of possession. Leslie stands by horrified, unable to stop the senseless violence that once again seems to plague her life.

After returning and finding the village surrounded by armed guards, Stephanie disguises herself as a devil named Katavi (wearing very familiar purple colors) in order to spook the witch doctor. During the ensuing battle, Leslie is shot and Stephanie is forced to rush her to the hospital.

Thanks to prompt medical attention, Dr. Thompkins survives the wound but the experience serves to remind Stephanie of her duty as a hero. She realizes that she can never escape her destiny of being the Spoiler - and she'd never want to.

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