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Hello everyone - Posted on 29-09-2010 19:25
User Avatar Batmanfan80
Gothams Newest Citizen


Posts: 3
Location: Minnesota
Joined: 05.05.10

Hello everyone, I am new to the site, my name is Erik and I am from Minnesota, I am a huge Batman fan and love this site so far. I am trying to make a cool signature for my profile like a lot of you have, but can't seem to figure it out. If anyone could help me I would really appreciate the help. Thanks, and looking forward to chatting with you all.Smile
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RE: Hello everyone - Posted on 29-09-2010 21:11
User Avatar Erin Cobblepot
Blue Collared Worker


Posts: 395
Location: New Hampshire, usa
Joined: 23.12.08

Hi Erik! Welcome to the site!! Glad to have you aboard!!! X)

Hello Gotham. I'm Erin. Ozzy Cobblepot's Biggest Fan. Love you Pengy!

Betcha never, betcha never, betcha never thought we'd get this far.
Betcha never, never ever, betcha never thought you'd touch my heart.
Betcha never, betcha never, betcha never thought I'd surrender.
Betcha never thought you'd ever get with me.
I betcha never thought of that.
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RE: Hello everyone - Posted on 30-09-2010 07:26
User Avatar FlaBat
Dark Knight


Posts: 1526
Location: Miami
Joined: 24.06.05

Hello Erik

Welcome to BatmanYTB I look forward to posting with you in our threads. As far as the Signature goes you cam use any graphic program (i.e. PhotoShop, Paint) you like to create one, same goes for your Avatar.

I use PictureTrail and have them saved there. I also use PictureTrail to store all the pictures I post. You can use any similar website to do this, some sites are even free for only hosting a few pictures.

Avatars cannot be any larger than 100X100 or it won't show up. .jpg and .gif should both work.

Signatures cannot be any larger than 500X150. Any larger just takes up Bandwith. If you have an animated Signature, please only one, and it must be small.

We are pretty fair when it comes to this. Sometimes a little bigger is ok, but please, contact one of the ADMINS if you have any questions.

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RE: Hello everyone - Posted on 30-09-2010 21:21
User Avatar Razhwurz
Caped Crusader


Posts: 1672
Joined: 02.08.06

Hey man, welcome to the site!

Never start with the head; the victim gets all fuzzy!

R.I.P. Heath
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