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Smallville Season Finale! - Posted on 15-05-2010 09:38
User Avatar Chris
Dark Knight


Posts: 2999
Location: Richmond, Indiana
Joined: 22.06.05

Did any of you see the season finale?

WOW. First we're treated to this:

But then the rest of the ep. Lois figures out Clark's the Blur, Granny Goodness and possibility some parademons? Not to mention all of the stuff inbetween with Zod and the Kandorians leaving, it wa a great ep!

BYTBBeyond BYTB_Beyond Send Private Message
RE: Smallville Season Finale! - Posted on 15-05-2010 14:26
User Avatar The Red-Blue Blur
W. Indust. Employee


Posts: 547
Location: Burbank, CA
Joined: 02.06.08

I thought it was Granny Goodness too!!! Some guys on SupermanHomepage thought it was Lex disguised which is clever too...

I saw it 20 minutes (can somebody PLEASE fill me in on what happened?! I missed the red/yellow S!!) in and from what I saw, it was great. I said "eff yeah!" when Clark threw Zod into a wall after he threw Lois into a phone booth. Here's some guesses for the future of Smallville in season 10...

First off, I'm glad that (apparently as of now) Tess is dead. This will most likely change since that old lady went in there... And I have a feeling I know who it is... There aren't that many grandmother types that would help out another villain... Just sayin'... And Smallville has noticed Superman fans' ideas before. (I'm hinting at Darkseid coming to the show with Granny Goodness, with a new name hopefully.)

Secondly, I think Lois will have her mind warped some how into forgetting the events of season 9 (romance, Metallo, Zod, etc).

Lastly, I am guessing that Clark will go into some sort of trance because of the fall (this is a guess, I really am not sure).

"Things are always going to get worst before they get better."

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RE: Smallville Season Finale! - Posted on 22-05-2010 23:58
User Avatar Phil


Posts: 2061
Location: Gotham City
Joined: 30.07.05

i thought this episode had lots of religious references - which i think is awesome! that last shot of his sacrifice was SO jesus on the cross. i can only assume clark will resurrect in 3 days, :P. superman obviously isn't a direct reflection of jesus, but the similarities are there for sure.

in the animated doomsday movie, supes' heart rate stopped to recover his injuries, but he didn't technically die. i think they could probably do something similar to that.

i really hope season 10 is about clark being superman. that first scene, his dream/vision of the future, was AWESOME.
Ph1L Cho Send Private Message
RE: Smallville Season Finale! - Posted on 15-02-2011 20:40
User Avatar DavidG
Gotham Civilian


Posts: 198
Location: Home
Joined: 26.07.06

i thought this was a great episode.
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