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Forum Threads by Chris

Forum Thread Views Replies
Batman Action Figures & Dolls 1966 Batman Figures! 3309 0
YTB Updates & Announcements Why is BYTB going down!?!?! 13953 23
Beware The Batman, The Batm... Ep. #37: Chill Of The Night... 6040 3
Smallville & Past Superman ... Smallville Season Finale! 6099 3
DCU Animated Movies Batman: Under The Red Hood ... 9682 15
Batman Comics & Other Publi... Batman & Robin, Batman & Re... 12630 25
Other DCU Projects Jonah Hex 4246 4
DCU Animated Movies Jutice League: Crisis On Tw... 3539 2
Batman Comics & Other Publi... Red Robin Talk Back 4678 6
Beware The Batman, The Batm... Ep. #35: The Super Batman O... 5272 5
Everything Else test 2765 3
Beware The Batman, The Batm... Review: Batman: The Brave &... 10058 21
DCU Animated Movies Official Green Lantern (Ani... 7395 13
Beware The Batman, The Batm... Batman: The Brave & The Bol... 2211 1
YTB Updates & Announcements We are not a store 4756 6
DC Toys, Collectibles, & Me... DC Universe Classics 33082 92
Other DCU Projects New Batman Movie Coming! 2421 2
Smallville & Past Superman ... Even More DC Characters App... 3315 8
Other DCU Projects Sgt. Rock in development 2073 2
Everything Else Star Trek Talkback 3348 7

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