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Television - Batman - Episodes - #76/77/78 - Penguin Is a Girl's Best Friend / Penguin Sets a Trend / Penguin's Disastrous End
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Penguin Is a Girl's Best Friend / Penguin Sets a Trend / Penguin's Disastrous End

ORIGINAL AIR DATES: 1/26/1967-2/1/1967-2/2/1967

EPISODE NUMBERS: 76-77-78, Production Code N/A


Penguin Is a Girl's Best Friend:
The Dynamic Duo foil a holdup of a nearby bank---unbeknownst to them it was actually a holdup scene being shot by Penguin for his new motion picture which they accidentally interrupted! Batman and Robin are forced into signing a contract to appear in the film! The Batman arranges for Aunt Harriet's Film Decency League to raid the scene in which The Queen Of Diamonds, Marsha, was supposed to take a milk bath in the nude. So Penguin tries to teach The Cowled Crimefighter a lesson by setting up a love scene between Batman and Marsha so that he can film 100 takes of the duet smooching--on purpose!

Whilst Marsha and her Aunt Hilda go off to Gotham's Central Park in search of old toads for one of Hilda's love potions, Penguin moves his movie company to The Museum Of Antiquities, where his cronies snatch an entire collection of priceless 15th-century chaimnail armor. Penguin discover's Batman's on to his scheme, and he calls for a staged fight which is actually for real! He then places The Duo onto a giant catapult, where he straps cameras to their legs, intending to film them a they are prepared to be launched across Gotham City!

Penguin Sets a Trend:
As the rope holding the catapult slowly burns through, Batman remembers that he still has The Batmobile's Remote Control device strapped to his wrist. He quickly computes the trajectory, then uses the remote control to signal The Batmobile to meet them at Mulberry and 7th Streets, where he and Robin will come crashing down. The Batmobile heads for her programmed destination, just as The Dynamic Duo are launched up, up into the air and away across Gotham City. As predicted, The Batmobile gets there before The Caped Crusader and The Boy Wonder, just in time to release a safety net from the trunk to catch them. The Duo return to Penguin's movie studio, where the pompous, waddling producer dresses them in 2 suits of armor and them immobilizes them with a huge electromagnet, leaving them suspended in midair while he keeps an appointment with Gen. MacGruder at The Hexagon. Back at the studio, The Batman somehow manages to loosen a fitting from his suit of armor and tosses it into an open light socket, overloading the circuit, shorting out the fuse, deactivating the magnet, and releasing him and Robin.

With little time to spare, The Duo speed to The Hexagon still clad in the armor. Meanwhile, Penguin and his finks use the armor stolen from the antiquities museum to break into the secret storeroom and pilfer some topsecret plans! Batman and Robin arrive too late at The Hexagon, but they still manage to pick up his trail and locate The Penguin's van, giving him chase. Due to the armor's massive weight, the van blows a fuse during a sharp turn, forcing Pengy and his crooked crew to abandon it, and The Blackbird Of Prey sends his henchmen back to their hideout while he leads The Caped Crimebusters into a trap. Penguin leads the armored heroes down an alley and trips them up by rolling several metal drums into their way. Penguin then pays the driver of an arriving scrap truck to cart everything -- including The Armored Duo! -- away to be tamped down inside a highpressure hydraulic scrap-metal crusher!

Penguin's Disastrous End:
While inside the crusher, Batman plucks The Batpumps from his utility belt and uses them to counter the crusher's external pressure with air pressure and stop it from turning him and Robin into paperweights. The Duo then use a torch to slice their way out of their scrap metal cocoon. Meanwhile, Marsha and Aunt Hilda find their old toads and create a batch of love potion to use on the guards at The Gotham City Sub-Treasury, and while The Queen Of Diamonds mesmerizes the guards with her Dance Of The Seven Veils, Penguin and his men move mysterious equipment inside the gold vault. The Caped Crusader has tracked Aunt Hilda's escaped lizards back to her underground hideout, where they find the missing chainmail armor and one of Penguin's thugs, who unwittingly alerts The Dynamic Duo as to The Penguin's present location. Having secured The Fink, The Duo speed for The Sub-Treasury, just as Penguin, Marsha, Hilda, and the rest of the gang lock themselves up inside the vault.

For 3 long days, The Batman, Robin, Chief O'Hara and Commissioner Gordon wait outside, while the gang, inside the vault, aided by a tank of fresh air, remain until finally, they burst from within inside a solid gold tank! They piece the entire mystery together: Penguin used his sinister movie studio to steal the chainmail armor used the armor to steal the plans from The Hexagon and used the plans to build the tank. Chief O'Hara dives into his squad car and uses it to block the tank, but the tank runs right over it, crushing the vehicle flat! The Dynamic Duo, Gordon, and several boys in blue move the flattened car to discover O'Hara had dove into a manhole with his very life. Batman and Robin give chase in The Batmobile and use The Batzooka to disable the tank, forcing the villains to surrender. Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson end with watching a 16mm home movie of Marsha and Batman kissing, at home with Alfred and Aunt Harriet.

WRITTEN BY: Stanford Sherman

DIRECTED BY: James B. Clark

Madge Blake (Aunt Harriet Cooper)
William Dozier (Narrator)
Adam West (Bruce N. Wayne/Batman)
Burt Ward (Richard "Dick" Grayson/Robin: The Boy Wonder)
Alan Napier (Alfred Pennyworth)
Stafford Repp (Chief O'Hara)
Neil Hamilton (I) (Commissioner James W. Gordon)
Estelle Winwood (Aunt Hilda)
Milton Stark (Mr. Tambor)
Don Hannum (1st Guard)
Burgess Meredith (The Penguin)
Carolyn Jones (Marsha, Queen Of Diamonds)
Bob Hastings (Major Beasley)
Alan Reed Jr (General MacGruder)
Kimberly Allen (Miss Patterson)
Frank Baron (Henchman #1)
Ted Fish (Truckdriver)
Frank Conte (Henchman #2)
Andy Romano (2nd Guard)
Brad Logan (Workman)

- Bob Hastings who plays Major Beasley would later voice Commissioner James Gordon in "Batman: The Animated Series"

- The prop used as The Bat-zooka in this episode was previously used as The Bat-charge Launcher in the 1966 Batman: The Movie.






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