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Batgirl Promo | Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt

The Batcave was Batman and RObin's Base of Operation. Hidden deep under Wayne Manor, Batman and Robin would slide down "Firemen Poles" to access it. While there, they could use the vast resources to solve any crime.


  • Radio Frequency Bat-generator
  • Bat-printer (used to forge documents)
  • Precious Metals Bat-analyzer (lists the components of metallic objects)
  • Bat-roscope (finds fingerprints on an item)
  • Bat-analyst (also called Bat-analyzer, lists the chemical components of an item using ultraviolet light)
  • Bat-spectrograph Criminal Analyzer (records biological information of anyone in close range)
  • Bat-sound Analyzer (analyzes background sounds on recordings)
  • Master Bat-file (gives out addresses)
  • Home Dry Bat-cleaning Plant (used to dry costumes, but takes several hours)
  • Automatic Bat-alarm for Detecting Phone Detecting Equipment
  • Diversionary Bat-phone Lines (prevents tracing of Batphone)
  • Integro-differential Robot Analyzer (tells if there is anything out of the ordinary about a certain robot)
  • Bat-calendar (gives a list of Gotham City current events)
  • Bat-syllable Device (lets Alfred type in words, then pronounces them in Bruce's voice, in a staggered fashion)
  • Brainwave Bat-analyzer (checks the areas of the brain one at a time for tampering)
  • Bat-tape Reader (checks for abnormalities in recorded sounds)
  • Electronic Translator (give it foreign writing and it displays English text on screen)
  • Wireless Bat-transmitter (for bat-emergencies only, it receives morse bat-code)
  • Emergency Bat-tunnel (leads from Batcave out to Highway One)
  • Bat-naps (for cleaning dirty bat-costumes)
  • Bat-secret Writing Detector
  • Bat-radar
  • Bat-spot Analyzer
  • Electronic Hair Bat-analyzer
  • Batcave Anti Crime Lab
  • Bat-Makeup
  • Bat-funnel
  • Bat-scilloscope
  • Business Bat-index Machine
  • Well-known Criminals File
  • Emergency Bat-call Box
  • Criminal Analyzing Bat-sensor
  • Bat-dummy Closet
  • Recollection Cycle Bat-restorer (restores lost memory)
  • Current Criminal Activity Bat-disclosure Unit
  • Auxiliary Circuit Bat-generator (for power disruptions)
  • Bat-answer Phone (plugs into the Batphone, carries on a conversation in Batman's voice)
  • Interdigital Bat-sorter
  • Bat-research Shelf (contains the collected volumes of The History of Gotham City)
  • Bat-armor
  • Bat-weather Instruments
  • Criminal Sensor Bat-indicator (when a villain enters Gotham City, automatically plays one of his or her soundbites)
  • Three-dimensional Bat-restorer
  • Batmobile's Nuclear Power Source (the large generator at the back of the Batcave)
  • U.S. and Canada Crime Computer (provides subway schedules)
  • Hyper-spectrographic Analyzer (analyzes cloth and determines where it originated)
  • Chemo-electric Secret Writing Detector
  • Electronic Bugging Devices (in the shape of small amphibians & insects)
  • Gotham City Plans & Views (calls up microfiches of local building plans)
  • Portable Freezing Chamber (for testing anti-freeze capsules)
  • Giant Lighted Lucite Map of Gotham City
  • Intergalactic Recorder
  • Anti-crime Auxillary Power Generator (supplies power to Batcave when a power outage occurs)
  • Television (a simple, ordinary television)
  • Pattern Identification Manual (once a substance has been analyzed, this book provides the name)
  • Bat-scanner and Homing Transmitter (the transmitter is placed on the object wished to be tracked and the signal is picked up by the Bat-scanner)
  • Emergency Back-up Receivers (should something go wrong with the Bat-scanner, this will reroute the signal)
  • Voice Control Batmobile Relay Circuit (via this circuit, Batman can control the Batmobile)
  • Truth Control Bat-tester (Placed over the face of the individual being interrogated. As the person answers questions, their breath is captured in the bag. The breath is then mixed with a chemical liquid. Should the individual be telling the truth, the oxygen content will turn the liquid red. If they are lying, their increased metabolism means more oxygen which will create an inbalance in the liquid and it will remain clear)
  • Memory Bat-bank (contains photos of known criminals)
  • Magnifying Lens (used for delicate work such as painting false fingerprints)
  • State Penn Occupancy Report (contains up-to-date information on the criminals currently housed in the State Penitentiary)
  • Compressed Steam Batpole Lift (for carrying Batman and Robin up the batpoles)
  • Automatic Costume Change Device (the mechanism which changes Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson into their crime-fighting attire as they slide down the bat-poles, and vice versa. Can be shut off via a switch in the Batcave; can negate both changes or one change.)
  • Service Elevator (entrance to the Batcave for Alfred)
  • Bat-index (a computerized phone book and automatic phone dialer)
  • Bat-speech Imitator (used to produce Batman's voice when Alfred is dressed as Batman)
  • Bat-crime Computer (createa a profile of a specific villain and then computes the villains next caper by searching for patterns of activity)
  • Seismograph (this equipment is so sensitive it can pinpoint the location of a small explosion in Gotham City)
  • Transitorized Shortwave Bat-receiver (receives messages from the Transitorized Shortwave Bat-transmitter)
  • Bat-jets (capable of lifting a 5000 pound automobile more than 500 miles in the air)
  • Radioactive Bat-pellets (a good way to track people or things because the pellets can be found using the Bat-geiger Counter)
  • Microfilm Crime File (contains photos and information on criminals)
  • Bat-chemical Analyzer (self-explanatory)
  • Bat-drone Plane (remote control plane used to pick up narrow wavelengths being transmitted high above Gotham)
  • Bat-drone Control (the console used to pilot the Bat-drone. Also used to pick up the source of the transmission being tracked. Includes the Bat-drone Retriever Switch which brings the drone to a safe landing inside the Batcave.)
  • Bugging Devices (constructed in the Batcave from spare components)
  • Batmobile Tracking Graph (the Batmobile's tracking location signal can be pinpointed on this map of Gotham City)
  • Bat-extension (a second Bat-phone that can be carried around the Batcave when working up in hard-to-reach places)
  • Giant hydraulic bat-press (used to make bat-diamonds, can take up to six months to create one large enough to power the Batcomputer)
  • Bat-directional finder (tells you which direction to go in to find a certain substance)
  • Subterranean blue grotto exit (comes out on the edge of the Wayne estate, sometimes required to keep the Batcave entrance secret)
  • Bat-air press (for blowing up balloons)
  • Bruce Wayne dummy
  • Bat-capsule Dispensory (where numerous crime-fighting pills are stored)
  • Bat Wax Solvent (dissolves any type of wax)
  • Sky-writing drone (a model jet that can write extremely long messages in the sky)


  • Bat-diamond (power source for the Batcomputer, must be far more pure then a natural diamond, it's well over 10,000 karats)
  • Accelerated Concentration Switch (increases computing power of Batcomputer when it's strained)
  • Dual Identity Bat-sensor
  • Bat-analyzing Gears
  • Batcomputer Ingestor Switch
  • Batcomputer Bat-resistance Signal (light comes on when the Batcomputer doesn't understand the question)
  • Special Escaped Archcriminal Bat-locator
  • Bat-correction Signal (alerts Batman or Robin when they say something incorrect)
  • Anti-crime Voice Analyzer
  • Special seismological attachment
  • Batcomputer Input Slot (enter some information source, such as a phone book, so a search can be performed)
  • Illustrated Bat-slides (Alfred created these to be more informative than the usual cue cards)

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