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Comics - Countdown - Mini-Series - Countdown to Adventure #7

COVER TAGLINE: The Savage Forerunner

RELEASE DATE: March, 2008
COVER DATE: May, 2008

COVER: Oclair Albert; Eddy Barrows; Rod Reis

PRICE: $2.99 U.S./$3.50 Canada


TITLE: The Home Front: To Serve Rann

WRITER(s): Adam Beechen
PENCILER(s): Allan Goldman
INKER(s): Oclair Albert; Julio Ferreira; Jose Wilson Magalhaes
COLORS: Richard Horie; Tanya Horie
LETTERS: Steve Wands
EDITOR(s): Tom Palmer Jr.

CHARACTERS: Adam Strange; Animal Man; Starfire; Aleea Strange; Champ Hazard; Sardath

Adam Strange, Aleea, Ellen, Kory and Buddy arrive on Rann to find all is quiet... a little too quiet. They are attacked by an infected Sardath who reveals that Hazard has left to rally the troops for the attack and Thanagaria. Buddy knocks out Sardath with the breath of a creature of another planet. Ellen seems puzzled but Buddy has no time to waste as he takes off with Starfire to recharge her powers leaving behind a neglected and angry Ellen

While Buddy is flying Kory up to the atmosphere to absorb the rays of sunlight, Kory tells Buddy that she does not love him and that they are only friends. Animal Man accepts this and takes her as far up into space as he can before passing out. Animal Man begins to plummet back to Earth but is saved by a re-charged Starfire.

Champ Hazard is preparing the troops for battle when Adam Strange boards his ship and attacks him. Hazard sends them into a dive and crashes the ship. After diving from the ship before it crashes, Champ stands over an unconscious Adam, preparing to kill him when Animal Man saves the day. Champ Hazard sets a Zeta Beam for himself to Earth and then blows up the Council Building so that they cannot follow.

Starfire disperses the concentrated sunlight to the people of Rann, curing them all of the Lady Stix virus. Sardath was rescued from the Council Building before it exploded and he intercepts an Earth news satellite feed to display the news feed. All are shocked to see the images in front of them - the Sterilizers are mercilessly killing all of San Diego's inhabitants and now there's no Zeta Beam to take them back to Earth!

TITLE: Forerunner - Part Seven: Counting Down

WRITER(s): Justin Gray
PENCILER(s): Fabrizo Fiorentino
INKER(s): Adam DeKraker
COLORS: Richard Horie; Tanya Horie
LETTERS: Sal Cipriano
EDITOR(s): Tom Palmer Jr.

CHARACTERS: Forerunner (Viza Aziv); Gana; Captain Daldus Lazaar; Toragg; Valda; Hierophant; Neex; Golden Eagle

The Iron Raider is sitting at the Source Wall, the very end of the universe when a damaged space shuttle from Earth begins to approach them. Forerunner orders the ship to be transported to the cargo hold of the Raider.

Viza steps aboard the Earth ship to find a man in cryogenic pod. Forerunner orders it be brought aboard the Raider to try and save the man. Suddenly Neex alearts them that they have entered into another universe through the source wall. They have located Monarch and the Monitor. Forerunner orders the ship to teleport her to wherever the Monitor is. Before she can leave the bounty hunter Gana gives Viza her sword.

Forerunner challenges Solomon the Monitor but is easily defeated and left for dead...

Countdown to Final Crisis #13


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