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Comics - MiniSeries - Final Crisis: Rogues' Revenge - Issue #3

TITLE: Book Three

RELEASE DATE: October 15, 2008
WRITER(s): Geoff Johns
PENCILER(s): Scott Kolins
INKER(s): Scott Kolins
COLORS: Dave McCaig
LETTERS: Nick J Napolitano
EDITOR(s): Joey Cavalieri; Chris Conroy
COVER: Scott Kolins

PRICE: $3.99 U.S.

CHARACTERS: Captain Cold (Leonard Snart); Weather Wizard (Mark Mardon); Mirror Master (Evan McCullough); Heat Wave (Mick Rory); Trickster (Axel Walker); Pied Piper (Hartley Rathaway); Inertia; Zoom; Libra; Flash (Barry Allen)




The Rogues return to the place where it all began for Mark Mardon - the laboratory where Mardon was forced to kill his own brother in an attempt to avoid going back to prison. There they use a machine created by the Top to track Speedsters anywhere in the country. They locate Inertia just outside of Central City. There he is being taught the ways of Speed by Zoom. Zoom is teaching him how to manipulate the flow of time while encouraging Inertia to use his ability to enact tragedy in the lives of their enemies - making them stronger.  Although Inertia disagrees with Zoom's motivations (he would much rather just kill the Speedsters) he continues his lessons.

The training session is cut short when the Rogues arrive on the scene looking for revenge against Inertia. The Rogues tell Zoom to stay out of their way so that they can settle the score with Inertia but Zoom, detesting the Rogues, decides to take a stand. But one more Rogue (or former Rogue) is waiting in the wings ready to attack. Pied Piper makes his move, freezing Zoom and the others in their tracks. Piper's own personal mission for revenge is cut short when the Reverend of Evil Incarnate, Libra arrives on the scene to make his final attempt at convincing the Rogue's to join him.

After stabbing Piper through the shoulder with his scales, Libra reveals that he has kidnapped Mardon's child and intends on using it as a bargaining chip to try to sway the Rogue's to his side. Although lightning may spark from his eyelids, Mardon shows that his heart is as cold as ice when he says that he doesn't care what Libra does with the child.

Before Libra can call his bluff however the impatient Inertia rushes forward and, using one of the tricks recently taught to him by Zoom, snaps his fingers and makes the baby vanish and an explosion of light and sound. Inertia continues to showcase his new abilities by vibrating past Libra's defense aura and landing punch after punch on the masked master of balance. Before he can put an end to Libra's life however he is stopped by Zoom. Unfortunately for Zoom, his pupil has one more trick up his sleeve as Inertia uses his newly acquired power over time to regress Zoom's body back through time to the point before the cosmic treadmill exploded, leaving him paralyzed and stuck in a wheel chair once again.

With Zoom and Libra taken care of (at least momentarily), the Rogues reconvene and attempt to finally settle things with Inertia. Thanks to Pied Piper recovering in time to once again freeze Inertia's movements, the Rogues are able to kill Inertia much like they did Bart Allen. Standing over the body of Inertia, Libra stands back up and uses this opportunity to ask them to join him one last time.

Since the Flashes have played such an important role in stopping evil in the past, Libra claims that he could use the experience of a group that has defeated not one but two Speedsters. He follows up by informing Captain Cold and the others that Barry Allen, their first nemesis, has returned from the dead. Cold still refuses and, using his freeze gun to turn the ground around them into a mirror like ice, has Mirror Master transport them away from the scene with Inertia's body in tow.

Leaving Inertia's dead body outside of the police station with a note that reads "Tell the Flash We're Even - The Rogues", Captain Cold decides that if Barry Allen truly has returned from the dead than maybe there are no rules kept sacred in this world anymore. Knowing they can never out run The Flash, perhaps the Rogues aren't ready to hang up their costumes just yet.



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