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Comics - MiniSeries - Final Crisis: Revelations - Issue #3

TITLE: Final Crisis: Revelations Part Three

RELEASE DATE: October 8, 2008
WRITER(s): Greg Rucka
PENCILER(s): Philip Tan
INKER(s): Jonathan Glapion
COLORS: Nei Rufino; Ian Hannin
LETTERS: John J. Hill
EDITOR(s): Eddie Berganza; Adam Schlagman
COVER: Philip Tan; Nei Ruffino

PRICE: $2.99 U.S./$3.50 Canada

CHARACTERS: Question (Rene Montoya); Spectre (Crispus Allen); Batwoman (Kate Kane); Radiant (Claire 'Sister Clarice' Coeur); Sister Wrack; Cain (Vandal Savage)






Robbed of God's gift of free will, mankind is enslaved by the Anti-Life Equation and blindly follows Darkseid's will of death and destruction. The Radiant's powers of Mercy unable to quell the riotous hordes surrounding them, Radiant and the Spectre teleport themselves to Rene's location where they find her being beaten savagely by her former love Batwoman.

Batwoman, like the others, is immune to Spectre's powers so Crispus simply locks the mad woman in a cage of spectral energy and takes Montoya to a nearby church. Inside, Radiant uses her powers to heal Rene's wounds from her battle. Crispus looks at the miracle of healing just performed before him and wonders why God would grant such an ability but limit his power against Libra and the others. He angrily confronts the cross for the lack of mercy God has shown him in his duties.

While ushering in a group of unaffected citizens to safety, Rene recalls the prophecies of the Crime Bible. She hypothesizes that perhaps God is powerless in these matters - as evidenced by the Spear of Destiny being left behind when Spectre came to judge Montoya. Did Crispus simply not transport the spear with them or was he unable to? Has God abandoned them all?

Montoya and Allen are not the only ones finding their faith tested as Radiant looks out at the group of Gothamites seeking refuge and sees the men who murdered her. God's messenger of hope and forgiveness confronts the murderous refugees and finds herself unable to bring herself to forgive her killers. She retreats back into the darkness of the church looking to search her soul for the divine mercy necessary to let go of her hatred and anger.

Meanwhile, Cain, re-awakened within the vessel of Vandal Savage, travels with his minions into Gotham City. Looking to exact revenge against the being which marked him for the living damnation that is immortality, Cain stands before the church and calls out the Spectre.

Crispus responds to Cain's summons and the Spectre comes out teeth clenched and fists ready to do battle. He strikes Cain and takes the Spear of Destiny from his hands but the Spectre finds that one cannot simply physically attack the man who brought murder into the world. Cain overpowers Spectre and gouges out his eye. Retrieving the Spear, Cain turns to the downed Spirit of Vengeance and plunges the Spear through his heart.

Crime Bible - Five Lessons of Blood


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